My Life Would Make a Very Interesting Musical

I think they’re gonna kill us, Stacy! Run!
A member of the Carnival who is definitely not in Modesto and who should in fact run away from the flaming purple and orange squirrel  (via poeticdaisy)


Say what you will about dance, but language is a limited form of expression.
ep. 54 “A Carnival Comes to Town” proverb (via allthelostinterns)
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So an idea: We’re obviously being shown how untrusting, scary, and dystopian night vale is under the surface. last episode we were shown how Steve knows this and this episode Maureen had to leave the booth when Cecil was talking about being proud that they scared the carnival away. With Carlos…

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Carlos calls the desert world the most interesting scientific community

*painful lip wobble*

Carlos still hasn’t looked for a way to get back


Cecil once again thinking knowledge and books are bad, and wanting power to be concentrated in the hands of the few.



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This desert other world is just so scientifically interesting! Maybe it’s the most scientifically interesting community i’ve ever seen
Carlos (or the moment i actually shouted “NO” and had to pause the episode to stop myself from crying)
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Isn’t it sad that Cecil seems so against strangers when he let one right into his heart?


I kinda love how they’re going into just how much Cecil uses his influence to sway the people and ideals of Night Vale. He’s not a completely trustworthy narrator and we’re starting to see this much more clearly now that we have outside views from night vale citizens


Ah, the next WTNV episode doesn’t come out until the first of October. 

I guess someone should 

wake me up when September ends